Is it time to see a career coach?

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Let’s start with a poll. This is just for your personal knowledge. Results are anonymous!
Which response best describes your career goals?

If your career goals aren’t 100% clear, or if your current work isn’t quite in-line with them, you will benefit from taking another look. Somewhere, there is a career coach who would like to help.

Actually, there are quite a few of them. You can find more than 270,000 of them on LinkedIn[1]. That’s about equal to the population of the Siberian Outpost, the coldest city in the world. Fortunately, you won’t have to travel there to find a career coach. Filter your LinkedIn search by your location, and you may find a few in your neighborhood. You will also find career coach groups and companies.

If the career coaches in your area are not with a social service agency, or perhaps a school where you attend, they are likely to charge a fee. After all, this is their living. The average cost2 is $161 per hour. If the cost has you thinking that your will need to talk quickly, consider some online resources as first-steps.

Career Quiz

Princeton Review offers a 5-minute Career Quiz3. Answer a couple dozen questions, and see a long list of professions that are likely to interest you. For a shorter, more specific list you may register with them and take further quizzes.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator classifies your personality in one of sixteen groups. It is well-known and often-imitated test, best administered by qualified professionals4.

More online tests

A quick “google” of personality tests free returns… oh, about 20 million websites. Not all of those have free personality tests, and free may have limitations. For a starter, you may want to try Queendom.com5, which encourages but does not require registration. Free, limited, versions of many tests are available. From there, you can upgrade to monthly access, or access to the full version of a particular test.

[1] Search “people” for “career coach”.
[2] Source: USA Today
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