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If you’re not a steer, why be branded?

This may sting a little...

This may sting a little…

Cattle know nothing about branding. They don’t initiate it. It’s a one-time event, done for the benefit of the rancher. From the bovine perspective, it hurts but is really quick.In many ways, career branding is just the opposite. Maybe it should have a better name. Maybe it’s plainly and simply your story. It’s a well-thought-out story that you can clearly and quickly explain.

I do know that a career brand will not involve anyone galloping up on horseback. If you want one, you create it yourself. Your story can take some time to craft and no one will emboss you with it. It’s strictly internal, describing your unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience.

Moooving On

One brand might not last forever. Over months and years of further experience, your story may develop into a different career brand. That’s allowed! In fact, in a world of change, re-branding might be a good idea.

Your career brand, your timely story, benefits you. A couple of good sentences or maybe just few words can communicate what makes you one-of-a-kind. Done right, it can set you apart from the rest of the herd.

Career branding is painless, really. It’s worth taking a little time to do it right.

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George Pond

If the internet is like a sea, George is the guy you see fishing along the shore. All sorts of good and bad ideas surface each day. He casts out for career development tricks and tools, hoping to land the best of them to share at

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