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3 Ways to Boost Your Job Search

'm looking to expand my job search.

Employed or unemployed, we are job seekers.

Job-seeking begins with a first knock on an office door and a polite conversation with a future employer. Soon after reporting to that first job, the search becomes a quest for better conditions or a promotion.

For the employed, job-seeking becomes career development. The internet and social media are essential to that. They reach wherever rewards are found…. within a company or in the uncertain outside.

A career path may wind from company to company and profession to profession. Wherever you are today, social media offers to help you along that path:

Investigating and exploring new opportunities

You may begin by searching with Twitter keywords or hashtags. A raft of 140-character comments flows down the “Twitter stream” when corporate sales records are set or headquarters move to a new city.

Networking for greater influence

Regular posts to a blog and Facebook will bring “likes” and “follows”. At first, only a few people respond. As you continue to post and Twitter-tweet and Pinterest-pin, that number will grow.

You are building an online community. Keep building. Read the discussions in LinkedIn groups and answer a few profession-related questions. Share comments and bring insight. Your reputation grows with your online community.

Actively hunting for a job

Job postings appear real-time on LinkedIn and Twitter. Job boards are great and should not be overlooked. Still, social media provides channels for dialog. Like and follow your favorite companies. Use comment functions to ask questions.

Blogging and social media sharing contributes to all of these. From your first day of job seeking until your retirement party, an online presence can enhance your career development.

George Pond

If the internet is like a sea, George is the guy you see fishing along the shore. All sorts of good and bad ideas surface each day. He casts out for career development tricks and tools, hoping to land the best of them to share at

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