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Do’s and Don’ts for Career Transition

Take a good look early in the transition

Take a good look early in the transition

The path to a new job can be exciting. In fact, as you start down the road, it can be scary. The difference between happy excitement and dizzying fear has a lot to do with how well you’ve prepared for the transition.

Hints… and a few self-check questions

  • DO know why you want a new job [1]Do you see a new opportunity for growth? Are there issues in your current job that might surface at other workplaces?
  • DO have a plan[2]Will you want to take training first? How will you find and reach out to prospective employers?
  • DO update your job search skills [2]How are you keeping records of where you’ve looked, what you’ve heard, and what are the next steps?
  • DO expand your network [2]Do you have a blog? Are you sharing it over social media?
  • DO reflect on what you like/dislike [2]How will you know when you see those likes at a prospective workplace? How can you tactfully avoid the dislikes?
  • DO consider all possibilities [2]
  • DO find a mentor in your chosen career [2]
  • DO keep your resume current [1]
    What will make your resume the one that gets read and wins you the interview?
  • DO carefully choose references and ask in advance [1]
    Do these include recent managers/supervisors? Have you asked what they see as your strong points? Have you thanked them in advance?


  • DON’T let family or friends choose your career [2]
  • DON’T make a change because it worked for someone else [2]
  • DON’T make a change only for money or benefits [2]
  • DON’T expect the grass to be greener, anywhere [2]
  • DON’T overlook the necessary experience/education [2]
  • DON’T skip the cover letters or thank-you notes [1]

[1] Prepare for a Job Search
[2] 10 Career Change Mistakes to Avoid

George Pond

If the internet is like a sea, George is the guy you see fishing along the shore. All sorts of good and bad ideas surface each day. He casts out for career development tricks and tools, hoping to land the best of them to share at

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