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Turbo-boost your online job search

The internet is fast. You can send email, fast. You can look up tomorrow’s weather, fast. You can order a potato peeler, fast.
Internet job searches are fast.
Finding the right job and being hired using the internet is less fast.

Hang in thee; one of them will email back soon...

Hang in thee; one of them will email back soon…

You may have heard that 80% of jobs are filled through networking. reported that in March, 2012 and it is no less true today. So a job seeker is wise to consider these networking sources, and others:

    1. Friends
    2. Family
    3. Local organizations (clubs, faith communities)
    4. Move On groups
    5. Local businesses (favorite stores, your hairdresser, etc.)

When you are not reaching out to 1-5, above, or when they are not available, the internet is waiting, and is pretty fast. You can quickly find 100 job boards, but to turbo-boost your online search, start with the ones which give you the greatest visibility.
Your visibility as candidate improves when there are many available jobs, and when the competition is less than staggering. For example, consider posting your resume on, which has an astonishing 13.5 million jobs, as documented by
The chart below compares 10 “internet job boards”, showing the number of jobs posted and the number of job seekers for each. The sites are listed, left to right, by order of the best ratio to least. For example, has 2.132 jobs posted for each monthly visitor., far to the right of it has 0.143 jobs posted for each monthly visitor. That’s because over 11 million people per month stop by to view Careerbuilder’s 1.6 million job postings.

Best ratio of jobs-to-job-seekers is at left

Best ratio of jobs-to-job-seekers is at left

The above internet job boards have these features in common, so check them out!:

  • They include all types of jobs
  • They’re nationwide
  • Registration is free
  • Job searches are free
  • They’ll post your resume or profile

Last time I was job-seeking (and that’s pretty much all of the time)… I thought I was pretty thorough because my resume was up on four popular job boards. Turns out, those were the four sites with the greatest competition… the four at right, above.
Are you job-seeking today? Monster and CareerBuilder are great, but also consider posting where the ratio of jobs-to-job-seekers is more in your favor.

George Pond

If the internet is like a sea, George is the guy you see fishing along the shore. All sorts of good and bad ideas surface each day. He casts out for career development tricks and tools, hoping to land the best of them to share at

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